Hair Transplant
before your journey

Don't drink alcohol

Minimum 72 hours before surgery

  • Alcohol consumption should be stopped before surgery, stopped and avoided two weeks before and three weeks after surgery.

Don't smoke

Minimum 2 weeks prior to the surgery

  • Smoking narrows blood vessels and reduces blood flow to the scalp, mainly due to its nicotine content. Carbon monoxide in smoke decreases the oxygen capacity of the blood. These factors can lead to poor recovery after the procedure. You shouldn’t smoke for at least a week after the procedure.

Stop with medications

Any medications should be disclosed to your doctor

  • Stop using the following medicines a week before hair transplant as they may increase bleeding during the procedure. medications such as: Aspirin, Vitamin B or E. , Blood thinners, Ibuprofen ,Natural medicine, Anti-inflammatory drugs
  • You can continue with the medications two days after the process
  • Consult with our team regarding your ongoing medication usage

Comfortable clothing

wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes

  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting pants and an open-front shirt with buttons or zippers. It is important not to wear clothes that must be worn over your head. This will prevent the graft from moving immediately after surgery.
  • Take a shower and wash your hair and scalp well the day before the operation

Eat breakfast

Enjoy a healthy breakfast with lots of water

  • It’s important to eat breakfast in the morning procedure and drink lots of water. Don’t have spicy food the night before surgery. 

Don't cut your hair

Minimun 2 weeks before the procedure

  • You don’t need to shave your hair before coming. The clinic shaves on the morning of the procedure. it is best not to cut hair for at least two weeks before the process so that the donor hair strands are well concealed.
  • Do not use any lotion that can affect the hair or scalp
Hair Transplant
After your journey

Healing Process:

The first 2 days after the operation are considered the most important healing time, so it’s
advised to take this time to rest. Starting from day 3, you can start washing your hair as
advised by the clinic and start the routine below.

Around the third week, you will start noticing some hair loss in the grafted area. This is
perfectly normal, so no need to worry. Starting from the third month, hair in the grafted
area will grow faster and will start covering and evening-out the grafted area.

Starting from the 15th day after the operation, you should take 10 minutes per day to
massage the grafted area. Massage should be done with your fingertips in a circular motion. The purpose is to ease and soften the scalp while stimulating the blood circulation.

First 10 days after the operation:

• On the day following the operation, remove your head bandage
• Follow the doctor’s prescriptions carefully
• Avoid heavy work, stress, smoking, drinking coffee and alcohol
• Avoid rubbing or scratching of the grafted area
• Do not sleep face down
First month after the operation:
• Wash your hair every day with Sebamed Shampoo
• No swimming
• Do not expose the grafted area to sunlight for the first 15 days


Physical Activities:


• You can start exercising 20 days after the operation, just make sure you don’t do any
sport that can hurt your head

• Protect your head from direct, strong sunlight for the first 6 weeks

• After 3 months – no limitations


In order for us to track your healing process, please send us pictures of your head every
week during the first month, and then once a month for the first year. Our team of experts
will advise about your progress and guide you in case anything is needed.

you're About to look much better than before