What Is Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a type of cosmetic surgery that changes the shape of the nose. Just a few small
alterations to the shape and size of the nose can have a profound effect on a person’s face.
Every patient must undergo a thorough assessment before a specific rhinoplasty plan can be
created. Depending on the needs and preferences of the individual, the surgery can include
changing the structure of the bone, cartilage, or skin. And in some cases, all three.
People choose to undergo this invasive procedure because their appearance causes various
mental issues, including a lack of self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and social inhibition.
As rhinoplasty is usually a cosmetic procedure, it’s not included in many healthcare insurance
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Rhinoplasty Preparation

By the time your rhinoplasty appointment arrives, you may have had several consultations about
the results you’re trying to achieve. The day before your surgery, however, you’ll have a more
in-depth meeting with the surgeon. This formal consultation might include the following:
● A series of questions about your medical history
● A thorough physical exam and a series of tests
● Photographs of your nose to help the surgeon plan their approach
● Computer imagery gives the surgeon an idea of what the augmented nose will look like
● An in-depth discussion about the surgery and your expectations
● Details on anything you need to do before surgery—including fasting

During Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery is performed under general anesthetic, so you won’t be awake at any point
during the procedure. Most surgeries take between one and four hours to complete, depending
on the surgery’s complexity.
The exact nature of your procedure will depend on the surgeon’s preferences and the
complexity of the surgery required. However, most procedures involve one or more of the
following steps:
● An incision is made inside or outside your nose
● Cartilage is either removed or re-inserted from another area to change the shape or size
of the nose
● Cartilage may be taken from the ribs or another area of the body for complex surgeries
● Skin and tissue are then stitched back together

Rhinoplasty Recovery

You may have a little difficulty breathing during the hours and days after rhinoplasty surgery.
This is completely normal. You may also feel a little congested, which is also normal. You’ll
have to leave the various dressings in place for a few days, so expect some discomfort.
During the average recovery period of seven days, you’ll probably experience moderate
bleeding and some mucus build-up. Excess blood and mucus will be removed by your surgeon
or doctor when they remove your dressings. You may need to keep a drainage pad under your
nose if the discharge is significant.
Take the following precautions after rhinoplasty surgery:
● Avoid strenuous exercise
● Keep your face dry
● Don’t blow your nose
● Take care when brushing your teeth
● Maintain a healthy diet that’s high in fiber to prevent constipation
● Try to avoid laughing
● Wear clothes you don’t need to lift over your head
● Inform a doctor if you experience severe pain, a sudden increase in discharge, or a
suspected infection
If there are no unforeseen circumstances, you can expect to return to your everyday life after a
week or so of rest.

The Long-Term Results of Rhinoplasty Surgery

Your surgeon only needs to successfully augment the structure of your nose by a few
millimeters to completely transform your entire face. In the vast majority of cases, patients are
happy with the results. However, you may need to wait up to six months before you’re satisfied
with the surgeon’s work.
If more changes are necessary, you may be asked to attend follow-up appointments. But at
Medic Tours, we only send our clients to high-quality healthcare institutions that we’ve fully
vetted in advance. We’re proud to say that we work with some of the world’s best and most
trusted rhinoplasty clinics.