How to Prepare for Your Plastic Surgery Overseas

Medical tourism is a great way to get world-class plastic surgery at affordable prices. And here
at Medic Tours, we enjoy relationships with some of the world’s best and most trusted private
healthcare institutions. But before you begin your journey towards a new you, we’ve got a few
tips and some information that will make your trip successful and enjoyable.

Things to Remember Before You Travel

Avoid Alcohol
Most plastic surgery procedures are invasive, and some require a general anesthetic. That’s
why you should refrain from consuming alcohol for at least 72 hours before your appointment.
Stop Smoking
Smoking adversely affects both your respiratory and cardiovascular systems, so you should
refrain for at least two weeks before you travel. The more carbon monoxide there is in your
blood, the harder it will be for your blood to circulate the oxygen your body needs for recovery.
Assess Your Medications
Disclose all your medications to your private clinic during your first consultation, and speak to
your doctor before you travel. Drugs such as anti-inflammatories, aspirin, blood thinners, and
certain vitamins can all increase bleeding, so they should be avoided.
Pack Sensibly
Pack clothes that are comfortable, loose-fitting, and easily removed. Anything with buttons or
zippers is ideal. When you’re in the clinic, you don’t want to be removing clothes by lifting them
over your head.

Tips for Your Procedure Day

Eat Breakfast
You will need to maintain your strength and alertness on the day of your procedure, so eat a
healthy breakfast. You’ll also need to be fully hydrated, so drink lots of water during the hours
before your appointment.
Arrive Early
Arrive at your clinic early to avoid missing your appointment. This will give you more time to
settle in and adjust to your surroundings. You may need to attend a pre-operative appointment
the day before your procedure.
Attend All Your Test Appointments
You may be given separate appointments with blood specialists, allergists, and other clinicians.
Make sure you attend all your appointments and answer any questions about your health

Recovering from Your Plastic Surgery

Follow the Advice and Guidance You’re Given
The success of your plastic surgery will rest on how well your recovery goes, so pay attention to
what your surgical team says after your procedure.
Expect an Overnight Stay
A lot of clinics and plastic surgeons will ask you to remain in the clinic overnight for observation
after an invasive procedure. Don’t leave your clinic until your physician gives you permission.
Attend Your Check-Ups
You may need to attend various virtual and in-person check-ups after your plastic surgery. Don’t
miss any of your appointments and follow the advice you’re given.
Take Charge of Your Aftercare
You may be given a range of dressings, creams, ointments, and medications to apply or take
during the weeks after your procedure. You must take responsibility for your own aftercare to
guarantee the success of your surgery and avoid complications.
Avoid Strenuous Activity
Follow your surgeon’s advice about how and when to return to your everyday life. You’ll need to
refrain from rigorous activities for a while, so schedule time for rest and recuperation.

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