Cosmetic Treatments & Plastic Surgery

Most people want to look good and feel good, but only a few have been blessed with the perfect body and feeling great about how they look. But, even then, as we age, our bodies change and our youthful looks begin to fade. Today there are many aesthetic treatments and plastic surgeries that can solve this problem for us. Although the thought is that these surgeries are only possible for the rich, the prices of these surgeries are decreasing with the advancement of technology and today they are available and accessible to everyone at an affordable price.

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Breast Reduction

Bulky and heavy breasts can be painful, cause irritation to the skin beneath the breast, and can even
lead to health problems in the back and shoulders.

Breast reduction is an operation to remove excess fat, breast tissue, and skin to achieve a breast size
proportional to the female body. This surgery not only improves the appearance of the breast and
relieves social discomfort, but also corrects the functional symptoms of physical pain from the
heaviness of the large breast. It is essential to explain to the patient what is needed to achieve good
results, to foresee available techniques, to list possible complications, and to discuss in stages the
process steps.

Breast reduction surgery is accompanied by horizontal and vertical postoperative features, but
overall patients are satisfied with the end result of a successful operation. In most cases, we
experience improvement in symptoms such as back and shoulder pain, irritated and painful skin
under the breasts and under the bra straps.

Breast Augmentation

The anatomical features of each patient influence the surgical technique. The patient’s desire is
paramount, but it must be placed in the context of the body’s anatomy, including height, weight,
breast shape, distance between breasts, difference in shape between the two breasts, the presence
of a ptotic sensation or sagging skin.

The size of the breast in size, height and volume should be appropriate to the body and chest of the
patient. Skin resilience is critical. A patient with unstretchable skin cannot achieve the same volume
as a patient with more supple skin.

In situations where the patient already has ptosis before breast augmentation, this will need to be
corrected before breast volume is increased to avoid deterioration of the ptosis.
Breast lift surgery is called mastopexy. It involves repositioning the areola and the nipple of the
breast, as well as lifting the breast tissue and removing excess skin.

Mastopexy can be performed as a separate procedure or in combination with the placement of
breast implants.


Essential to achieving the ideal result in rhinoplasty is establishing patients’ expectations and creating
an informative preoperative image of the surgeon during the consultation. A preliminary three-
dimensional photograph of the nose and what it will look like after surgery will contribute to the
specification of the technique of performing rhinoplasty. The surgery can be cartilage or bone-
cartilage, with access to the nose through an open or closed procedure. The technique is determined
by a competent plastic surgeon according to the individual needs of the patient.

Surgical intervention is performed after a full examination, which identifies the allergic factors and
aims to prevent possible complications during the operation.

It is advisable to stop smoking one week before the day of surgery, as well and abstaining from blood
clotting drugs.

Suitable age of patients:
Rhinoplasty is performed on all patients after 18 years of age. Cases with difficulty breathing in
younger patients may have surgery with the written permission of the parents.

Abdominoplasty procedure

Abdominoplasty is an operative improvement of the lower and middle abdomen with the
removal of dietary and exercise-resistant fat cells and the tightening of the muscles of the
inner abdominal wall. The method is widely used in women after pregnancy in both sexes
after significant weight loss.

Patients with near-perfect weight and skin problems in this area
are the main target group for abdominoplasty. The result is a flatter, firmer and more shaped

While abdominoplasty may be partly a cosmetic procedure, it can also be used in partial-
reconstructive surgery:
– Abdominal abnormalities caused by pregnancy, obesity, significant weight loss, trauma,
tumors or other disease
– To correct structural defects of the abdomen
– Improve the function of the abdominal muscles
– Removal of abdominal hernia
– Removing the bulk apron from skin and tissue called pannus. It can cause chronic dermatitis,
skin infections, difficulty walking and poor hygiene

Health Tips & FAQ

Combining with other procedures?

Breast reduction can be combined with liposuction or fat removal surgery in another area of the body.

When can I go back to work?

Each patient recovers differently. The recovery period depends on how many procedures were performed simultaneously. The recommended rest period after surgery is one week.

When can I train?

Strenuous exercise can begin no earlier than two months after surgery, as the breast needs more time to recover.

When can I buy a new size bra?

Surgeons recommend delaying the purchase of a new bra for at least two months. Until the breast becomes accustomed to the new implant placement, it is advisable to wait and not rush into choosing a bra.

Abdominoplasty or liposuction?

Patients with loosened skin in the lower abdomen are those to whom abdominoplasty is administered. If the patient has an accumulation of unwanted adipose tissue in this area and significantly preserved skin elasticity, the procedure may be combined with liposuction.

Combination with other procedures?

Abdominoplasty can be combined with other aesthetic procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lift, or liposuction of another part of the body. This combined surgical procedure constitutes a complete change of the patient.

Are there any scars?

Unfortunately, the scars are an inevitable result of any invasive procedure. The scars are carefully concealed under the linen for the greatest comfort of the patients. For women with a caesarean section, the scar will remain the same size. Most patients experience physical and emotional change after surgery as a major benefit and scars as a secondary effect. Surgeons are trying to minimize postoperative scars.

What happens in a subsequent pregnancy?

For optimum results, it is advisable for ladies not to plan a subsequent pregnancy. This step is essential in maintaining the postoperative results.