Cosmetic surgery has become all the rage these days, for both men and women alike. It is a well-known fact that a number of celebrities and influencers have had their looks changed. Other than lip injections, treatments like Botox and liposuction are also becoming mainstream. There was a time when these treatments were extremely expensive and unaffordable for most people, but medical tourism has changed all of that.
While there are numerous destinations that people travel to for getting medical treatments, one of the most popular ones for cosmetic treatments is Turkey. Visa free entry, affordable prices and a short flight distance from most of Europe, North Africa and West Asia, has added to the appeal of Turkey for getting cosmetic and medical procedures done.
There are more than 600 clinics registered in Istanbul alone and local media has reported that more than 100,000 people travel to Turkey for getting their hair transplant treatments.

The role of cost

According to experts, Turkey has become a hotspot for cosmetic medical tourism because it provides quality services to people at affordable prices. The technicians and surgeons in Turkey are good at what they do and their comprehensive approach to customer care has also added to the appeal.
For instance, a lot of clinics, such as Medic Tours, do not just provide cosmetic treatments alone, but offer packages that can include everything from luxury accommodation, transfers, flights, aftercare as well as tours of the country.
This benefits the customer because it means that every aspect of their cosmetic procedure and treatment is taken care of and all they have to do is just show up.
The difference in prices is also worth noting, as cosmetic rhinoplasties cost about $8,570 in Britain, which does not include the cost of follow ups and consultations, but they are half that in Turkey.
As compared to the United States and Western Europe, the key overheads in Turkey, such as staff salaries as well as rent tends to be lower. But, it has relatively high standards of medical training, as compared to other countries in Asia and the Middle East.
The ongoing economic crisis in Turkey has also helped in reducing prices to such an extent that cosmetic medical tourism has become affordable for Europeans.

Speed of treatment

However, it is important to note that price is not the only reason for the popularity of cosmetic medical tourism in Turkey. Another factor that has played a role is speed of treatment, as treatments in the UK and European countries can last for years because they involve numerous follow ups and rigorous aftercare.
But, when patients are interested in cosmetic treatments, they are eager to get things done, which spurs them to go for treatments abroad. As compared to a waiting time of about six months in the UK, it takes two to four weeks in Turkey. A lot of clinics, like Medic Tours, in Turkey provide video or phone consultations, which means that patients can have a consultation and decide what to do without having to travel.

Cosmetic medical tourism

There are a number of cosmetic medical treatments that people opt to get after traveling to Turkey. The fact that the medical industry in Turkey is strictly regulated and compliant with global standards is another prominent reason that has contributed to the rise in cosmetic medical tourism in the country.
Another reason that has drawn people to Turkey for cosmetic procedures is the variety of treatments that are available in the country. These include rhinoplasty, fat grafting (face), Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), breast augmentation and liposuction.
From hair transplants to gastric weight loss surgery and fertility treatments, people have the option of getting procedures performed in Turkey by highly experienced and qualified surgeons. There are a host of cosmetic surgery clinics in Turkey, such as Medic Tours, from where you can get your procedure done. You can choose a seamless and packaged experience that includes everything and also gives you time for optimum recovery.